[The Zion Egg]: About us


The Zion Egg aims to bring you the latest news, as well as an archive of everything thats happened in the world of the Coral. We also rely on you lot to send us any info, like setlists, news, corrections, etc.

Contact: zionegg@talk21.com

If you have any questions or queries, or if you're about to sue us because of copyrighted material, drop us an e-mail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible, cheers.


  • Jonny set up www.thecoral.cjb.net at the arse-end of 2001, on Decemeber 12th to be exact.
  • Chris set up www.wheretheoceangreetsthesand.cjb.com in February 2002, through boredom really, helped by juice_terry.
  • Late may 2002, we decided on a merger, seeing as we had less and less time to devote to our respective sites. It was a bit pointless having two sites offering various tidbits, so we made a big fuck off unofficial one instead, offering the latest news, as well as lyrics, tabs, features, mp3s, etc... The Zion Egg was born and went live on the 26th of May 2002.
  • January 2004, the Zion Egg v2 was launched, which was basically a redesign, and an update to most of the pages.
  • July 2004, the site was converted to xhtml and validates.


The site was designed by Chris, using various programs like Notepad, Dreamweaver MX, Paint Shop Pro 7 & 8, Photoshop 7 and CS, Ultraedit-32. It's xhtml 1.0 strict valid, so it should work on all modern browsers!


Wicked Game, Sushi, Simon Diamond, Juice Terry, Liam, J & Chris.