[The Zion Egg]: Band Info

Small picture of the group

(From left to right: Paul Duffy, Bill Ryder-Jones, Lee Southall, Ian Skelly, James Skelly, Nick Power)

NB: all the info's a bit out of date, should be sorted one of these... months

The band consists of six members aged between 18 and 21:

  • James Skelly on Guitar and Vocals
  • Ian Skelly on Drums
  • Nick Power on the Organ and Vocals
  • Bill Ryder-Jones on the Guitar and Trumpet
  • Lee Southall on the Guitar and Vocals
  • Paul Duffy on the Bass Guitar and Saxophone

And there's the infamous "Woy Oy Boy" (AKA Phil), the bands very own Bez. Known to come on stage and shout "Woy Oy Boy's Bigger Than George Bush" .Bemused lookers-on at the NME Carling Tour thought that it was just some random drunken person from the crowd, but it turns out that he's actually the band's secret weapon. Be scared people, be very scared....

The band hail from Hoylake, a seaside town on the Wirral Peninsula, which is near Liverpool (They insist that they are not scousers), in the northwestern part of the United Kingdom.

Map of Hoylake

What They Sound Like:

They sound like nothing you've ever heard, and everything you've ever heard rolled into one. They truly are the most original band I've come across. When asked to describe the band in 20 words or less they came up with 'Gregorian prog Goth hip hop hillbilly Renaissance Swedish Filopian jazz. A massive sonic wave you can just ride and ride!'. The band is unpigeonholeable (?). Infused with beach boys-esque melodies, Syd Barret-esque folk (Ballad Of Simon Diamond) to rock-out's with funky hiphop-tinged endings (Skeleton Key), to east-europeean pirate ballads (Shadows Fall), you don't have a clue what to expect next, all you know is that it's going to be amazing...


Things the band like:
Ernest Hemingway, BMX bikes, Star Wars, Byker Grove, Bus Shelters, Hoylake, Jimi Hendrix, Oasis, the Beach Boys, the Everly Brothers, Bob Marley, TV, Books in general, Arthur Lee, Bob Dylan, Do Wop records, Malcolm X, Anyone who stands up for what they believe in, Bruce Lee, Chevy Chase, Elvis, Albert Einstein, Wordsworth, Kojak, Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Spiderman, Citizen Kane, Treasure Island, Peter Pan, Alice Through The Looking Glass, books about the American Civil War, The Open Sea, Football.
Things the band don't like:
The So Solid Crew, College, Hippies, Punks, Starsailor, Jamie Theakston, Linkin Park.