[The Zion Egg]: FTP

*If any of the material is in breach of any copyright, let us know and it will be removed immediately*

We're running a FTP with some Coral related material like wallpaper, photos, live gigs, videos and radio sessions... We have amassed a fair bit, but are always on the look out for more. If any of you have any material which we don't have, please take a while to upload it. The aim of this FTP is to make available to everyone everything that's out there. Obviously, we don't store any material which can be found in the shops, so don't bother uploading anything like that please!

For a list of what's on the FTP, check the message boards.

FTP Details:


  • FTP address: zionegg.homeftp.net
  • Login: zionegg
  • Password: zionegg

You will need a program to access the FTP, such as SmartFTP (Free) (Click here to download!) Sorry, but we will not answer any questions about FTP access, there's plenty of help to be found using Google.

The FTP is hosted on a home computer, which means it's not always up and running (though it should be up more often than not) and the transfer rates are slow I'm afraid. Because of this, it's limited to one user at a time. You can email us to get your own username/password if you want to upload anything.